atmospheric gas burner
serie refrattario


TS series

The generators in this series have a vaporizing body formed of two water pipes set in parallel levels leading into two concentric cylinders in such a way as to offer a greater surface for heat transfer, both for irradiation and convection, ensuring high eficeiency and an excellent steam output. The particular devising of the steam chamber and the superheather (fir types from 100 to up) allows a supply of superheated steam, at a high temperature. The burner is an atmospheric model of our construction, (for types TS dal 125 al 700), with stainless steel burners, fuctioning in two stages so as to ensure that the superheader is always al maximum efficiency.

Funzionano a: Metano - G.P.L. - Gasolio - Nafta - Olio combustibile

Steam boilers exempt from licensed operator
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